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tv   Action News  ABC  January 11, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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>> this slt last thing the flyers needed to sit here 11 points out of playoff spot. starting goalie steve mason will be out two weeks with a lower body injury. they call up a player from lehigh valley. and what appears to be a knee injury. mason this time last month had a back issue. ray emorry expected to start with tampa bay. >> two years after leaving oregon chip kelly's imprint is all auto round the familiar. that's coming from star quarterback and heisman trophy winner marcus mariota. the team kelly bit is a win away from a national championship. she's still a fap of the ducks. mariota admits he's a big eagles fan as well. >> i enjoy watching eagle games
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it's fun to see and be successful and it's hard to keep in touch. i mean he's a busy guy. for the most part he expects support for us and means a lot to the program. >> oregon and ohio state national championship tomorrow nights at 8:30 on espn cannot wait for this game. some of the best kids in the draft will be in the football game. >> no question. >> no question. >> much more to come in next half hour of "action news" terror threat for major cities worldwide comes as minimum yonz rally. >> it's home m coming month in making local troops served overseas reunited with families after near air algerie year. those stories and more when "action news" returns
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99 cents. that's all it takes to get a refreshing deal at dunkin' donuts. just because it's cold out doesn't mean you can't enjoy any sized iced tea or iced coffee. just 99 cents all month long. america runs on dunkin'. >> surprised night here's what's happening on "action news" 11:30 the largest march in french history millions of people including europe's top leaders line the streets in show of support and unity against terrorism. >> and frantic search continues for missing woman. her children found and husband arrested and her whereabouts
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remain a mystery. >> who were the big winners at tonight's golden globe award. >> nearly four million file the streets in lobe as all across france today in show of unity in wake of three day terror rampage. >> the mashch was led by dozens of world leaders that put aside differences to stand against terrorism it comes as new warning is issued for city as cross the nation. the full story from matt gutman. >> security officials an alert tonight isis renewing threat for terror threats in united states calling on followers to strike the soldiers strike police security and intelligence members. >> charlie charlie ! >> more than a million people took to the spreets in paris vowing to defy terrorism and the rally cried je suis charlie.
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>> this is in the memory of these people innocent people. >> this is chant we've heard all day khar lirks charlie charlie! >> right now people say they feel safe. >> as people rally the hunt for most wanted woman in the world went national. hayat boumeddiene the only known living suspect escaped france during the attacks need to sprain then turkey and crossing syria. al qaeda and yemen claimed responsibility but a video posted showing coulibaly fleming support to isis and taking responsibility for the attacks. >> we don't have determinations
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to which organization is responsible. >> the million plus who gaermed in paris sunday refusing to live in fear. matt gutman "abc news," paris. >> here at home police were back at home in smyrna delaware searching for clues of disappearance ever a mother and her young children. their disappearance triggered nationwideer is. . children ages 4 months and 4 years were recovered in indiana last night when police pulled over the father cortez hamilton near the town of jasper. he's in custody awaiting extra diction to delaware and keesha is still missing. investigators were at her home looking for anything to determine her whereabouts. >> philadelphia police are trying to piece together a staffage crime overnight in the city mayfair section. three men were gunned down execution style inside a house. it's a crime that has neighbors understandably on edge. nora muchanic has the details. >> it's scary very scary very,
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very scary. >> neighbors on vista street mayfair were unnerved by yesterday's triple homicide at this two story house 2600 vista street where the bodies of three men were discovered shot to death execution style on first floor of this row home. police say the discovery was made by girlfriend of one of the victims who enterserd through the backdoor of the house at about 11:30 last night. >> she fully walked in and found one male victim on kitchen floor and walked to living room area next to kitchen and saw her boyfriend on couch with another unknown male. >> two men one in 30s and one 40s and asian male in 30s were pronounced dead at the scene. >> i live about four houses down. i didn't hear nothing. so all i know is that that house was trouble all along. >> how so. >> drugs and everything else.
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>> it's disturbing a lot of family and friends are telling us to get out of here. >> paul lucas lives across the street. >> i get butterflies. we were at bingo last night when it all wentz down. we came back and i see like eight squad cars out. >> they do not have a motive for triple murder and they did not find drugs inside the home. >> i think it's getting so bad around here i've been around here five years. it gets worse areer and worseer by the day. >> nora muchanic "channel 6 action news." >> investigators in cam der are determining the cause for a two alarm blaze. firefighters got the plays under control in less than 15 minutes not before they struck second alarm. no injuries reported. in delaware county firefighters battled frames that erupted at a carwash. this is bridge auto spo spa 500 blockive clifton heights and the
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business was open at the time. nobody injured. the cause of the fire has yet to be determined. >> five local wise super markets she brailleed grand reopenings with gifts for the community. they cut the ribbon on the newly refurbished gifts there. they hosted preliminary on township community groups and philabundance the area food back. >> national guard troops that spent nearly a year over seas are back home tonight. >> it was around of applause as you heard there for a dozen members from detachment 19 national support air lift command of new jersey army national guard pilots and personnel flew thousands of missions along the arareian gulf transporting 90,000 pounds of cargo and 2,000 personnel. >> third time for most of them to be over there and we're happy to have them back safe and sound. with no incidents.
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>> many of these wonderful men and women say the best thing about being roma part from seeing loved ones once again getting good home-cooked meals. >> still to come, old man winter tries to stop a couple's wedding and local police officers made their dream come true. >> and later glitz and glamour of hollywood shined bright tonight at the golden blobe awarts. melissa. >> winter weather advisories posted for philadelphia and immediate suburb north and west and south and east as mixed precipitation is on way for the morning commute tomorrow morning. details in the accuweather forecast
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>> get they ker are a stall and dean hour were supposed to get married in michigan. up fortunately the courthouse was closed in wake of snowstorm. good fortune stepped in when they asked the police what to do. turns out one officer is licensed to perform weddings and perform today in lobby of public safety building. certainly it was not ideal but as the old song says lover will find a way. that's nice. >> winter weather could throw a wrenches in some plans tomorrow morning. >> not nice for the commute tomorrow morning. mixed precipitation icy concern north and west of town. temperatures quite cold at the surface will not take a whole tlot find problems on the roads. we'll show what you is going on starm tracker 6 double scan radar showing philadelphia dry as you look west it looks like we got precipitation breaking out ahead of main batch of
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moisture that moves in overhead tonight and as you wake up tomorrow morning one of our producers mentioned sleet bell nets wayne. keep in mind north and wet and south and west whether we have precipitation opt move it continues during the overnight hours. we show the picture outside. sky6 live hd nice shot of the center city sky line and mostly cloudy and clouds continue to build lower and thickening across the region in anticipation of moisture we're tracking unfortunately for the commute tomorrow morning. so with that said winter weather advisory surprise for philadelphia that 95 corridor interior sections of south jersey northern delaware and northwest suburbs through the poconos. we'll find sleet and freezing rain before you get changeover to rain. advisory goes up 1:00 in the morning lasting until 1:00 in the afternoon for northwest suburbs it expires for philadelphia 10:00 in the morning. as you look at temperatures chilly outside. high today in philadelphia of 40.
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we're coming in at 3 4 trenton 33. north and wets of town 33 allentown, and 34 reading and 32 in lancaster and below freezing in poconos coming in at 29. dover 35. so the light 6 along with action radar shows you moisture we're tracking and again getting reports of light precipitation breaking out to the west of that 95 score door. a lot of moisture across the ohio valley. main area of low pressure swipinging through missouri and this frontal boundary will work its way east ward as early as tomorrow morning. with that said we have precipitation type expected where you live. for south jersey and delaware you can find some sleet pellets mixing in on set of precipitation arriving and otherwise mainly rain event for you. philadelphia 95 corridor and interior sections of north jersey and burlington county you find icy mix before a changeover to rain. 10:00 in the morning the 9 a5 corridor changing to mixed precip and rain for poconos.
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big concern will be north and west of town because you will have longer duration icing events across northwest suburbs. that precipitation looks to break out main batch during the overnight hours. 3 a.m. to 4 a.m. with arrival and changes over to rain 11:00 in the morning on monday. we're looking at good eight hour event where you will find mixed precipitation and icing probably tenth inch the bus stop forecast showing you mix to rain chilly start as well 6:00, 34, 8:00, 34 as well. and the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast showing you on monday wintry mix changing over to rain high temperature 39. in the wake of that on tuesday brisk and much cold are high temperature of 34. lots of clouds around on wednesday high of 34.
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storm system is offshore. looks like precipitation will stay away from the region and could throw back more in way of cloud cover midweek. thursday sun sheen and clouds and 37. friday it's sunny and breezy high temperature of 37. nice to be normal. we'll hit that saturday with high temperature of 40 and 45 milder as we get into next sunday. so of course we'll track the wintry precipitation that ice is a big concern and david murphy will have the latest tomorrow morning starting at 4 a.m. guys. so we'll keep you up to date. >> not going to be fun. >> take your sglim all right melissa. thank you. >> no one dominated tonight's golden globe afwharts hollywood though the boy hood movie picked up two awards including best motion picture amy adams picked up best actress and trisha arquette for boy hood. there was lots to see on red carpet. they made statements in lieu of
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france. and rumor mill is working over time tonight because of instagram picture that's beyonce burried in sand with bump in telling place. many wonder if the super star is hypotheticaling that baby number two is on the way. for now no confirmation for the queen bee. it shows daughter blue ivy playing in the sand than photos had no captions we'll have to wait and see. >> much more to come including sports. >> and pitch man how eagles' coach is poking fun of himself in this new toast teet's she inspires you. no question about that. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's
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>> we know chip kelly can coach he's considered one of the brilliant mind in the business who knew he could act. here's a side of eagles' coach you rarely see self dep indicating and making fun of himself as tv pitch sglan hi i'm chip kelly head cope. >> who cares tostitos still official chip. >> tostitos come on. >> even a corn chip kicking chip when he's down shot ten different commercials for tostitos leading up to super bowl own february 1. poor chip. eagles' coach expected to be on hand to watch the former team oregon play for national championship tomorrow and he'll not be the only one from our area in arlington texas for the
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big game. jamie apody caught up with a broud mom from south jersey. >> when ohio state meets oregon monday night in the first year of college playoffs the town of voorheesth until nnl will have plenty to root for. >> touchdown ohio state defense. >> buckeye freshman eli apple was former high school freshman star and mom any his biggest fan. >> the buckeye moms are excited and it's been absolutely amazing dream coming and it's been a dream season. >> annie was not just a parent but advocate for change and 15,000 of their own money traveling to eli's games she and other parents along with help of buckeye meyer began pleading for ncaa for funding to see kids play. >> nothing will be decided until next year 20 17. i was like god created earth in six days ncaa can make decision
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in five wow know they did. >> they learned they would be reby him ursed 1250 per parent for travel costs and a pilot prom that will go to men's and womens families to final four. >> it means the world. we were not even a priority. nobody thought of us. now they heard of us. >> this is the field eli started friday night. they could never ma'am inthis. >> to watch him live his dream and as parent thereby to witness it, there's nothing better. >> jamie apody "channel 6 action news." >> all right. jamie. eli apple is the number one prospect coming out of until energy. national championship on the line 8:30 on espn. would have been eagles' fan worst nightmare if cowboys were to go to super bowl. they don't have to worry about
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that any more. boys are out. play everyone is talking about green bay down 5-day forecast to go what a catch by des bryant or maybe not. take another look. it is over tushed nfl says rule book is simple and he did not have complete control and he lost the ball as it hit the ground. packers they hold on and win 26-21. they're advancing to nfc championship ghaim seattle next sunday. wow, what a finish in green bay! chris christie is not a happy man tonight. guys back you to over at the desk. >> thank you jeff. >> it's the kind of event you think would be held in warmer weather. hey that's new york city for you. check this out. despite freezing conditions these folks skip trousers for annual no pants subway ride. this believe it or not is now a 14-year tradition that started in the big apple as prank between friends and since caught on with thousands of people
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dropping their drawers in city as cross the u.s. in locations as far as away as australia. >> okay. all right. "fyi philly" is next on channel 6. they check out sox philly's top new restaurants seven on one strip becoming the restaurant row. >> and face-lift reportedly painless, no down time and all the rage next on "fyi philly". >> "action news" is on the air early tomorrow morning starting 4 a.m. with matt o'donnell tamala edwards, david murphy and karen rogers. >> we'll have the latest forecast and updated traffic and transit and any schooling closings and delays as they come in. >> for walter perez bell melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team i'm sarah bloomquist. >> have a good
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i'm karen rogers. and i'm melissa magee. tonight on fyi philly we check out philly mag's 50 best restaurants how about an instant face lift with no pain or downtime we'll show you how to frame your face in true philly style and some tips on tackling diy projects. hi everybody and welcome to fyi philly we are at townsend restaurant on east passyunk avenue and it is number 7 on philadelphia magazine's new list of 50 best restaurants 7 of those eateries are along this same strip east passyunk is fast becoming a restaurant row. so we're hoppin out of the toyota fyi mobile and we're checking out a few restaurants on philly mag's top 50 list all within walking distance. let's see number one! this is the best, this is the next best, this is the next best.


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